When you have regular dental visits, you help keep your teeth and gums in good condition. These appointments enable your dentist to maintain a watchful eye on your oral health. Even with routine checkups, people still develop problems.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact your dentist right away:

Changes in gum tissue

Swollen, bleeding gums are generally the first signs of gum disease, or periodontal disease. Caused by bacteria under the gum line, periodontal disease can lead to pain, gum recession, and even tooth loss without proper treatment.

White spots on your teeth

In the early stages, decay can present as white spots on your teeth, a sign that the hard enamel is dissolving because of acid produced by bacteria. With kids, white spots can point out an overexposure to fluoride.

Increased sensitivity in your teeth

Any time you feel sensitivity to hot or cold, you should mention it to your dentist. Often, sensitive teeth are an indication of tooth decay or other issues such as bruxism, or teeth grinding.

Pain from teeth or gums

Persistent pain can indicate a serious issue. Sometimes, your tooth may become sensitive to touch or develop a pocket of pus near the gum line. Even if the pain subsides, you should call the dentist because you could have an infection inside your tooth.

Color or texture changes in the mouth

As you brush, spend a little time looking at your cheeks, tongue and underneath your tongue to see if you notice anything unusual. White or red spots as well as any lumps should be investigated by your dentist. Often, oral cancer starts with these mild symptoms, so don’t ignore potential signs.

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