Smile Gallery

Case 1

This patient fell and broke of her tooth when she hit a table.  Fortunately, she was able to bring in the broken piece of tooth and we were able to bond it back into place the next day. She did need a root canal,   but she is still smiling with a perfectly matched, original tooth several years later. 

Case 2

This patient presented with chipped front teeth.   A  bonded composite restoration on his two front teeth had him smiling again in less than one hour.

Case 3

Regular use of our ZOOM bleaching products have created a bright, white smile for this patient.

Case 4

Veneers/Crowns.   Patient presented to our office with old crowns and discolored teeth.  New Crowns and a veneer were placed to enhance her smile.

Case 5

Invisalign.  Patient presented to our office with a complaint of gaps between her teeth.  Invisalign was completed in 9 months, patient also bleached her teeth with “take home” trays custom fit for her mouth.