One thing that can make you a pretty unpopular person is bad breath. People will avoid being around you if you emit a stinky odor every time you open your mouth. If you don’t want to fall victim to this embarrassing problem, try the following tactics.

Brush and floss
For many reasons, you should carefully brush your teeth at least twice a day. This includes brushing your tongue and gums, where bacteria tend to build up and lead to mouth odor. Flossing should be performed daily to help get rid of food debris and plaque.

Drink water
Having a dry mouth increases bad breath, so staying hydrated is an important way to avoid odor. It is recommended to drink thirteen cups of water each day, which may be difficult to accomplish but it is a good goal to keep in mind. You can also prevent dry mouth by limiting foods and drinks known to cause dehydration, like coffee, energy drinks, and anything high in sugar or caffeine.

Chew parsley
A natural remedy for decreasing odor, chewing parsley can be helpful for stinky breath. It contains chlorophyll, which is known to fight smells and freshen breath.

Brush with oils
Peppermint oil and tea tree oil are both known to decrease halitosis, or bad breath. Placing just a couple of drops of these oils on your toothbrush can help attack the bacteria in your mouth and therefore fight mouth odor.

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