You may be scared off by the words “root canal” because it sounds like a dental procedure to avoid no matter what. However, if you’re experiencing the symptoms that mean a root canal might be necessary, it’s better to have the procedure because it will get rid of the painful symptoms. Once you recover from the root canal, your oral health will be restored.

What exactly is a root canal?
It’s a procedure to restore a severely decayed tooth. Instead of extracting the tooth, the nerve is removed and the tooth is sealed to prevent further damage.

What are the most common indications that a root canal may be needed?

  • Lingering tooth pain when you consume hot items. It can also occur when eating or drinking cold items.
  • Pain when chewing on a tooth. It may also be swollen or sensitive when touched.
  • Pain that begins in one tooth and moves to other areas of your jaw or head. For example, pain may start in a back tooth and move to your ear so that it feels like both a toothache and earache.
  • Toothache that interrupts your ability to sleep.
  • Bubble on your gum similar to a pimple, which may bleed or release pus when touched.
  • Tooth discoloration can result from severe decay.

If you experience symptoms like these listed, it’s time to call your dentist for an appointment. You should get a dental examination as soon as possible, so that you can receive treatment before your symptoms get worse. Even if a root canal is required, it’s better to have the procedure than continue with a terrible toothache.

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