Each year, people spend millions of dollars to look younger. A stunning, white smile can take years off your appearance and boost self-esteem. Safe and effective, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available today. In just a short time, you can achieve lasting radiance.

The aging process naturally darkens our teeth, but other factors can impact our smiles as well. Dark beverages, certain foods, and lifestyle choices can produce extrinsic stains, which change the surface color of teeth. Intrinsic stains, the discolorations found on the inside of the tooth, usually come from trauma to the tooth, excessive fluoride, or specific medications. Typically, extrinsic stains respond well to teeth whitening, but intrinsic flaws may need a more permanent solution like crowns or porcelain veneers.

To transform your smile from blah to brilliant, consider these teeth whitening options:

Drugstore Kits

Although you can try to brighten your teeth with over-the-counter whitening kits and toothpastes, these products may not produce the desired results. Often, the concentration levels aren’t high enough to make a big difference in your smile.

In-Office Whitening

When you choose in-office whitening, the process takes about an hour. Your dentist will usually apply a bleaching agent and may use a special light to activate the gel. In-office whitening penetrates deep discolorations so that you leave the appointment with a stunning, whiter smile.

Whitening at Home

Some people choose to lighten teeth gradually on their own timetables. For this option, the dentist can take impressions for custom whitening trays and then supply professional-strength whitening gel. You apply a thin layer of gel, and wear the trays as directed each day. Most people notice a difference right away, but the full effect of your smile transformation will be visible after you stop the whitening treatments.

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