As a parent, you want your child to have the healthiest teeth possible. Here are some tips for you to consider as you strive to help your child achieve this oral health goal.

Teach oral hygiene
Helping your children take care of their teeth should start at a very early age, so that proper hygiene habits are learned and practiced throughout life. Begin brushing their gums with a soft toothbrush even before the first tooth erupts to prevent bacteria from building up. Once your child is old enough to brush, allow them to do it with supervision until about age eight. Also teach your child to floss properly as part of a daily dental care routine.

Choose the right toothpaste
Look for the key ingredient of fluoride in toothpaste, which helps fight bacteria and plaque. When your child is young, supervise the use of fluoride toothpaste so that none is swallowed.

Visit the dentist
Begin taking your child for dental visits around their first birthday, and continue with regular checkups twice a year. Early dental visits help your child become comfortable with the process, and allow the dentist to watch for oral health problems so that they can be treated as soon as possible.

Avoid bedtime bottles
Do not give your child bottles filled with milk, fruit juice, or soda at bedtime. The sugars in these drinks can harm teeth and cause decay, and prolonged exposure to them such as overnight makes it even more hazardous.

Consider sealants
Ask your dentist about applying sealants to your child’s teeth in order to help prevent decay and cavities. Usually applied by your dentist to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, sealants help keep food and bacteria out of areas where decay most often occurs. Sealants are a painless way to help protect your child’s teeth.
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